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Ready to optimize your English?
Whatever your English goals, I can help you achieve them. Training is based on my 80/20 English Method, which identifies and corrects your most common English errors. For over 30 years, I have trained thousands of diplomats, professionals, and managers to communicate more successfully. Together, we can achieve the same results for you.
Choose one of the popular training options below, or let me design a customized program for you or your employees. We can include other specialized experts, as necessary. All training is available in person or online. If you're ready, we''ll find a way to make it happen!


Sometimes, as you become more successful, people stop telling you the truth. They only tell you what you want to hear.

As your Private English Coach, I’ll tell you what you need to hear. I'll reassure you when you’re right and correct you when you’re wrong. My job is to prepare you to communicate with confidence and excellence. Whether you’re traveling to Asia, Europe, or North America, your language and etiquette will reflect and respect expectations. Whether you’re headed to a meeting, negotiation, conference, or media interview in English, we'll make sure you maximize the opportunity.

No need for endless English lessons, either. Only a focus on the key corrections needed for immediate, lasting, and dramatic change. And with your limited time and my extensive experience, we’ll get the job done in the smartest ways possible.

Your private training is 100% confidential, in person or online. Let me know what your goals are; we will ensure you achieve them.



If you make English speeches, pitches, or presentations, alone or as a team, this customized training will change your life. It will impact every speaking event in your future.

Public speaking demands English fluency, cultural awareness, and lots of confidence. Without these essentials, your presentation fails, because your audience focuses on your errors, instead of your message. You need feedback from a language, presentations, and cultural expert in order to be your best. That's exactly what I offer you.

Your training includes three stages:

  • ​Step 1 – Evaluating recordings of your past & present presentations

  • Step 2 – Making emergency corrections for immediate improvement

  • Step 3 – Optimizing your English presentation skills for lasting change

By identifying and overcoming your personal PEGs – key errors in pronunciation, expressions, and grammar – we’ll optimize your presentations skills in English. The result? You’ll speak correctly, confidently, and successfully – today, and into the future.



To succeed as a start-up, you must communicate your vision with excellence. But when your English is full of mistakes, the opposite starts happening. Customers don’t order. Investors don’t follow up. Deals don’t get signed. Key people lose interest, faith, and confidence. You struggle and suffer, without knowing why.

In reality, you may be just a few steps away from success. So, Step 1: Don’t presume your English is “good enough”; you're likely missing serious or embarrassing errors. Step 2: Make our English Accelerator Package an essential part of your development process. Partner with us to structure your message in clear, confident, culturally appropriate English. We’ll ensure you’re seen as a professional company and a potential investment. Our package includes two parts:


  • Oral English – I train you & your team to upgrade your spoken messages.

  • Written English – My team of English experts perfects your pitch deck, slides, website, videos, and documents.


Contact us today. We'll make sure you optimize your English and maximize your value. Now, that’s an investment that could change your whole life – or even the world.



Fluency in English leads to higher productivity, increased sales, and greater success for individuals, teams, and organizations. We offer a range of group training programs to help your company achieve optimal results. A few of our popular programs are shown below. In addition, we organize customized learning experiences or English retreats for small groups of executives. We can also custom-design courses to meet the specific needs of your staff and business. Please contact me to learn more.

General English

Grammar Review

Conversational English

Accent Modification

Listening Skills

English Idioms

Building Vocabulary

Business English

Business English 

Effective Business Writing

Powerful Presentations

English for Negotiations

English for Meetings

Cross-Cultural Communication

Specialized English

Banking English

Hotel English

English for Lawyers

English for Journalists




"Rebecca, it has been really an unforgettable experience to be your student.

Thank you again for everything. You are a real professional."

 Dr Jorge D, Physician, Guatemala 

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