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private training for public success

Imagine improving your English in hours, instead of years. 

I specialize in coaching international professionals to optimize their English. In the past 30 years, I’ve helped thousands of professionals communicate more effectively for business, academic, and personal success. My 80/20 English Method helps clients achieve dramatic results in the shortest time. Online, I’ve reached over 200 million views through my educational videos. 


If English is holding you back, let’s make sure you move ahead – right now!


You're a top performer in your field. Yet, communicating well in English can be challenging. And how can you improve your language and cultural skills when you're not sure what's wrong? 

As your Private English Coach, I'll show you how to optimize your English for international success. No need for endless English lessons. Only a focus on the key changes needed for immediate, lasting, and radical transformation.


Contact me today, to communicate confidently and effectively in English, wherever you go.


You have a great idea, product, or technology. But what does your audience hear when you speak? Only your English errors! Thats because English mistakes steal your power. They distract your listeners, weaken your impact, and kill the deal. 


So, take control right now. Lets work together to upgrade your spoken English, perfect your visuals, and transform your public speaking before the big event.

Contact me today, to transform every English presentation you deliver.


You’ve put your heart, mind, soul, time, and money into an idea. But no-one takes you seriously when your start-up materials have English errors! These embarrassing mistakes make you look unprepared and unprofessional. The result? No sale, no contract, and no funding. You may have no idea what went wrong, but we do.

So, partner with my team of English experts. We'll raise your spoken and written materials to the highest standards. We'll communicate your professional vision so you get the attention you deserve.

Contact us today, because one right move can change everything.


“You have the luckiest clients ever, Rebecca.
It's just impossible not to learn with you.

 Marcello P, Entrepreneur, Brazil

“It was a great honour to study and learn from a great trainer like you. Thank you for your invaluable help in getting a good job in a new country.

Richard H, Scientist, China

You made everything clear, easy, and possible.

Now I can attend international conferences with confidence.

I wish I could learn with you all my life.”
Monica N, Finance Manager, Italy

“You not only taught English,

but also valuable cross-cultural skills."

Thank you, Rebecca.”

Hannah W, International Executive



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